I’ve had enough with these “remakes”…

and this is why!

From Variety: Norrington flies with ‘Crow’ franchise

Oh really?! Well then, here’s my take:

fuck-you-guys norrington_stephen1 Stephen Norrington


fuck-you-guys1 pdvd_060 Relativity Media

There is only ONE Eric Draven, and that belongs to the late Brandon Lee!  While I like some of Norrington’s work (1995’s Death Machine and 1998’s Blade), there’s no need to REMAKE The Crow.  That production was troubled way back in 1993, with numerous problems plaguing the set, and ultimately ended with the tragic death of Brandon nearing the completion of filming. Upon finally being released in 1994, The Crow, grossed over $100 million dollars worldwide and became an instant cult classic, and has remarkably kept a loyal and dedicated fan-base, even 15 years later (despite three disappointing sequels).  The film simply is “hollowed ground” and should remain untouched. Please leave it alone.

For an insightful and informative look into the making of The Crow, grab the book:

The Crow: The Story Behind The Film

That is all.


~ by misterchristian on December 16, 2008.

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