I’ve had enough with these “remakes”…

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and this is why!

From Variety: Norrington flies with ‘Crow’ franchise

Oh really?! Well then, here’s my take:

fuck-you-guys norrington_stephen1 Stephen Norrington


fuck-you-guys1 pdvd_060 Relativity Media

There is only ONE Eric Draven, and that belongs to the late Brandon Lee!  While I like some of Norrington’s work (1995’s Death Machine and 1998’s Blade), there’s no need to REMAKE The Crow.  That production was troubled way back in 1993, with numerous problems plaguing the set, and ultimately ended with the tragic death of Brandon nearing the completion of filming. Upon finally being released in 1994, The Crow, grossed over $100 million dollars worldwide and became an instant cult classic, and has remarkably kept a loyal and dedicated fan-base, even 15 years later (despite three disappointing sequels).  The film simply is “hollowed ground” and should remain untouched. Please leave it alone.

For an insightful and informative look into the making of The Crow, grab the book:

The Crow: The Story Behind The Film

That is all.


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No, this isn’t the invasion of Normandy on D-Day as depicted in Saving Private Ryan. This is a shot from the recent trailer to the upcoming X-Men spin-off flick, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, with hunky Hugh Jackman reprising his role as Logan / Wolverine.  Directed by South African, Gavin Hood (who won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film for Tsotsi) and written by David Benioff (25th Hour, Troy, Stay, The Kite Runner). It co-stars Ryan “my wife is Scarlett Johansson so suck it” Reynolds, Danny “yes, my dad is JOHN HUSTON” Huston (YES! Love him in The Proposition), Liev “my girlfriend is Naomi Watts” Schreiber, Dominic “yes, I’m dead in LOST” Monaghan and 6′ 6″ Canadian Kevin Durand (great as one of the “Tremor” brothers in Smokin’ Aces).

Opens May 1, 2009!

Let The Right One In (Låt den rätte komma in)

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…Hands down, the best film of 2008!

Brilliantly directed, stunningly acted (kudos to Lina Leandersson and Kare Hedebrant), gorgeously photographed, very touching and very moving! Nothing but visual poetry on display here. Probably the best and most realistic vampire movie I’ve ever seen. I’m in awe at what I just watched… I loved this film!!!!! Definitely one to see again – one of those films that requires several viewings to strip away the layers and reveal everything, so please see this film. Seek it out as it’s not playing in wide release. Beautiful. I’m gushing… Who knew the Swedes could make a vampire film?! 🙂


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I’m not completely sure how to summarize Passchendaele – the most expensive Canadian production ever made (drum roll please). On one hand, I admire Paul Gross and the story he wanted to show and tell, but on the other hand, the film just gets bogged down by simply too much melodrama and cheesy romance.

Kraft Foods could invent another flavour for Kraft Dinner. Bleh! Seriously, I wanted to throw up. Not from the horrors of World War I (admirably depicted) but the “romance” angle and the family bickering just became painful to watch on-screen. I’d rather face the Germans in no man’s land and take a bullet for this great country than watch anymore. But high marks Mr. Gross for making a World War I film (not many of those around), and a Canadian one at that eh!?! But I think you should have stuck to telling a “war story” and turned the romance volume down (instead of the other way around). I wanted to punch actor Joe Dinicol in the face though. I HATED his David Mann character. But, I wonder who’s to blame – either his poorly written character (a sheer agony to watch) or his acting skills. Maybe both. Also, a ridiculous “love scene” between Paul Gross and Caroline Dhavernas went on forever, and was completely unnecessary. That alone almost killed the movie for me.

Overall, Paul Gross’ film gets a mild recommendation from me. When the DVD comes out, I plan to make my own edit (kidding or course). It’ll be a short film indeed, but more effective and powerful than sitting through about 80 minutes of pure sap. That sap even puts Hallmark to shame. But I have to respect Paul for trying to be ambitious with his passion project, inspired by his grandfather’s experience in that terrible war. You’ve been warned…

Hello world!

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Hello! Welcome to my blog.

I just started this tonight, so bear with me as I slowly get going on this. I’ve never ever blogged before, so I’m curious to see how this ‘venture’ goes and realistically how long this will last. I can assure you that it’ll be mostly pop culture oriented (with mostly movies as they consume and dominate my life), but this blog may provide a glimpse into ‘the’ world that I call Christian Burgess.